1. What is a Fair Usage policy (FUP) ?

Unytalk is powered by a high quality and scalable infrastructure that is charged for by partners in minutes. Unytalk has translated these costs with minimal overheads to bring you, your team and your customers or partners a superior experience when you use this product.

Fair Usage Policy or "FUP" refers to the limits after which you will be requested to subscribe for additional minute packs to support your video meetings.

Your account will have detailed call reports of usage of the video meeting minutes per meeting to help you understand your usage and consumption.

2. What does Unytalk extra charge for?

During a video or audio call, each user needs to both publish (upload their video/audio content), and subscribe (download video/audio content from the other users).

Unytalk charges for subscribed minutes – we don’t charge for published minutes.

The total number of subscribed minutes depends on the length of the call and the use case, as 1:1 and group calls work slightly differently. You can use the following formulae to calculate the total no. of subscribed minutes (when all participants are both publishing and subscribing):

Examples for calculating subscribed minutes

Here is some further information and example scenarios to help you understand for each use case:

1-1 calls

With one-to-one calls, User 1 needs to publish their own audio/video stream, and subscribe to User 2’s stream. User 2 does the same. So for each minute of conversation, there are two subscribed minutes.

Example – 2 users have a video conversation for 25 mins - there are therefore two subscribed streams that run for 25 mins each. This means that the total number of subscribed minutes billed will be 2 x 25 minutes, which equals 50 subscribed minutes.

Group Calls

For group calls, you only need to publish your stream once. So User 1 would publish their own stream to the platform, and subscribe to the streams of User 2 and User 3, streamed directly from the platform. User 2 and User 3 would do the same. This means for n participants, there are n x (n-1) subscribed minutes per minute of conversation.

Example - 4 way, group call for 25 mins: If four users are having a video conversation then each user will have three streams that they are subscribing to. If they are all in the call for 25 minutes, 4 x 3 x 25 means you will be billed 300 subscribed minutes.

3. How can I cancel my subscription in Unytalk?

We never hope you do and will do our best to keep you happy. You can cancel your subscription in Unytalk at any time, by visiting you billing page.

Your subscription will be cancelled with effect from your next billing cycle, after charging for additional usage during the month of cancellation.